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Things built for an aesthetic purpose or just built just for the fun of building.


Build Date: June 15, 2003

The Solarbotics Sundancer kit. Fairly quick and easy to put together. The one on the right was actually the very first one that I built.
Made the slight change of using a spring as the pivot point instead of a pin, they seem to be more dynamic with a spring as well as stay centered over the magnet.

Build Date: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Picture of pummers at night, build date run from left to right. The blue pummer to the left was one of my first built and every year I build another like it but with a different color LED. The reflections are off of a triple pane window creating a kind of ghosting effect.

These pummers will usually go strong all night.


Build Date: Jan, 2002

A flower built for a fundraising auction in support of the arts and music program at the local collage. The frame is made mostly from 1/8th inch stainless steel rod that was silver soldered together. The colored pieces are made from an expanded PVC material known as Sintra. There are four polycarbonate balls in the center that softly light up at random intervals.

See a brief movie of it (600KB).

The flower stands about 20' Tall.




Build Date: August, 2001

Just a few chain maille samples that I constructed around summer of 2001. Various materials mostly 1/16 thick Stainless Steel. Also shown is some bronze, aluminum, and titanium. Weaves include 4 in 1 European, Persian, Spiral, Mobius, a simple chain so I won't lose my wallet again and my personal favorite Dragonscale weave.

Never got around to making a full suit and probably never will, just another hobby picked up along the way.





Build Date: Errr will check next time I see it

A lightstorm, basically a mini random lightning bolt, fortunately without the thunder. This actually has a machined steel base where the electronics are located but can't really see them here. Loosely based around what Mark did years ago with his lightstoms.

Contains a pair or white LED's that flash at random intervals, at random lengths and with a random brightness creating an effect very akin to lightening.

Actually when I had this in my house during summer I thought I saw lighting in the distance, turns out that it was just the slight reflection off my window. Deceived by my own creation! I was impressed.





Build Date: Dec, 2000

A lantern built as a Christmas present in 2000 then modified in 2002. Charges all day then lights up a polycarbonate ball with a bright red LED when it gets dark.


This picture shows what it looks like when it gets dark.